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high quality piano soundbanks

Realistic Piano is a collection of soundbanks based on the sound of the legendary Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano.

Explore the site and find out why so many professional and amateur musicians use Realistic Piano for pop, jazz and classical music productions.

Realistic Piano

Discover the secrets of the sound quality of Realistic Piano, listen at some amazing mp3s, read enthusiastic comments of users, or download some samples to test their quality.

New price! Only 19,90 EUR!

"The Realistic Piano is a great, affordable and professional SoundFont. I would certainly
recommend anyone with the slightest interest in
Piano SoundFonts to take a look at
(or, a listen to) this one"

Live! Center

 For those interested in historic instruments, a soundbank based on a Bösendorfer Fortepiano built in Vienna in 1828 is included.

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