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Release the hidden potentiality of your music with Realistic Piano.
You will be surprised how great your MIDI files can sound!

Realistic Piano
is available for
the following soundbank standards:

and software samplers Halion™, Gigastudio™,
Virtual Sampler , Audio Compositor

Realistic Piano reproduces the sound of a Bösendorfer Imperial 290, one of the largest and finest pianos in the world. One century ago, the world-famous pianist Ferruccio Busoni inspired the manufacture of this unique instrument, and quickly it became a favourite among the greatest pianists. Today, Tori Amos, Chick Corea, András Schiff and many other top artists use Bösendorfer pianos.

The Realistic Piano collection has been recorder in Vienna, Austria.
The critical sampling work, carefully planned, had the accent on the most important detail: the sound production. A high-grade recording equipment has of course been used, but the key point of the sampling was the "pressing of the keys" itself : a professional concert pianist did the actual job, using all his experience and sensibility in oder to achieve the best possible tone. This makes the difference between Realistic Piano and other sampled pianos. The amazing beauty and quality of this instrument were included in soundbanks of various sizes and sound characteristics in order to suit every need. Particular care has been taken in the reproduction of the original realism, expression and touch response of this extraordinary piano. The result is a mature product, without need of updates or patches, used by thousands of amateurs and professionals pianists around the world.


The 1828 Bösendorfer Fortepiano (serial number 6) on the Realistic Piano collection is a historical rarity, and is offered as a bonus to all piano lovers. It has the same MIDI characteristics and (for praticity) same touch response of the Imperial 290 soundset.

Creative Labs' SoundFont (.sf2) is the most popular soundbank standard, and is supported by most versions of Sound Blastersoundcards like Live!, Audigy2, Audigy4 and X-Fi.
Many software samplers like Reason and NN-XT, Reaktor, EXS24, Orion and FL-Studio
have built-in support for SoundFonts, allowing the use with virtually any soundcard (even on notebooks). If you use a sequencer with software sampler, there is a very good chance that it supports SoundFonts.

Realistic Piano natively supports SoundFont ver. 2.1. This means that it makes a clever and transparent use of filtering preserving sound quality.
Version 2.1 is compatible to ver. 2.0. If your soundcard supports only ver.2.0 (as older versions of Soundblaster Live!), the Realistic Piano SoundFonts are still playable.

Get the perfect solution for professional and hobby musicians: a versatile and full sounding piano that suits every need of pop, jazz and classical productions, as a solo instrument or as part of a mix. Enjoy its unique sound at a great price!

Listen to some amazing musical examples, and visit our MIDI Piano Workshop to find out how to trim the balance between your piano soundbanks and your keyboard or MIDI files, for a better music making.

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Updated 17 August 2008