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Compare Realistic Piano with your piano sounds: download a piano midi file and its rendering using
Realistic Piano
(751 Kb)
Realistic Piano

"... you get a very realistic stereo feeling - just like as if you were sitting in front of the real thing"

Realistic Piano soundbanks are available in
4 different sizes from 6 Mb to 20 Mb,
with several presets.

If 20 Mb seem too small for a good quality,
please read our FAQ !

The following mp3 sound examples are created using Realistic Piano without any effect or sound manipulation :



Full sounding bass notes and sustained chords, very long samples: Rachmaninoff, 2nd piano concerto, 1st mov. (exc.) 725kb 


A Jazz example: Amazing Grace (exc.) 740kb


Fortepiano 1828: The "Gran Sonata Patetique" Op.13 as it sounded when L. van Beethoven composed it (exc.) 1327kb

Scott Joplin's The Entertainer" (exc.) 938kb


Notice how even the softest notes sound perfect: Chopin, Etude Op. 10 Nr. 3 (exc.) 1031kb


A song from a famous movie (exc.)  1542kb

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata with added reverb
(reverb impulses from the Konzerthaus in Vienna) 1475kb




What customers say about Realistic Piano™:

"Endlich Piano-Sounds, die wirklich verwendbar sind. Fuer das Oeffnen dieser Tür bin ich Ihnen sehr dankbar !!"
Juergen Wenzel, Germany

"Ich war sofort beeindruckt, wie gut das Klavier klingt"
M.K., Germany
"Yesterday I received the cd and I like the sounds very much. Never heard a better digital piano"
rob, Holland
"Ich denke, es wird vorerst nichts Vergleichbares hinsichtlich eines "echten" Flügelsounds geben"
Stefan Lachmann, Germany
"Today I received the new piano-cd and i almost could not stop playing.."
Rob de Klerk, Holland
"Gratuliere zu diesem grossartigen Pianoklang... Etwas vergleichbares habe ich bisher auf einer Soundkarte nicht gehört"
A.S., Germany

"The sound quality was comparable to the East-West Bosendorfer Gigasampler MP3 demo which is the best I have found. What a deal for 24 euros! [...} my dream come true: Pro-quality computer based piano recording without the hasles and expense of a gsif card, GigStudio and another hard drive"
D.C., Mephis, USA

"I did a wonderful tv soundtrack for a documentary using you piano... The result was amazing..."
Jerry H. Young, USA

"This is much better than anything I have ever heard. Finally a great, usable piano..."
Jean-Marie Deferne, France

"La qualita' dei soundfonts e' eccezionale, assolutamente paragonabile a quella, per esempio, del mio Kurzweil MicroPiano"
Ettore Valente, Italy

"Your piano makes my music sound beautiful. Thank you for such a creation."
Tamaki Daisuke, Japan

"Best sound for the price!!!"
Ewgeny K., Russian Federation


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Updated 17 August 2008